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Sun Oct 20 13:57:01 EST 1996

Agnes Gallacher; agnes at hgu.mrc.ac.uk wrote in article
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> We're interested in trying out some ready-made gels and wondered if 
> anyone can recommend any. If you've tried any were you successful
> Agnes.

We have been using Sequagel 4 and 6 (for 4% and 6% gels) for about 6 
now and have found them very good. They are available from National
Diagnostics. Sequagel only requires the addition of  10% APS, does not 
de-gassing and sets in about 10 minutes after pouring.

Although red rain does not seem to be a problem, PCR products over about
250 bp so seem to get a bit smeary for genotyping if the gel has been left
to set overnight.

Hope this helps.

Ed Ryder

The Animal Health Trust
PO Box 5

mail: eryder at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
        Ted at roswell.dungeon.com

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