GelCompar analysis software and ABI377

Richard Richard
Thu Oct 17 11:56:18 EST 1996

I am looking for alternatives to the ABI Genotyper software.  I am 
looking at a large population of individuals using fluorescent AFLP 
analysis to generate "fingerprints".  I need to extract the data from 
Genescan in a binary format that can be used with NT-SYS, PAUP, Phylip, 
etc. I have been able to make Genotyper work for this purpose, but it is 
slow and labor intensive.  I saw an advertisement for GelCompar and 
wondered if anyone has tried this software.  The brochure says it is 
capable of directly importing absorbance profiles from a variety of 
sequencers. In addition, it is suppose to do many of the types of 
analysis I require. Does anyone have experience using this software with 
an ABI377. Please e-mail me directly, as I don't check this newsgroup on 
a daily basis.  I will post any information I receive on the newsgroup 
at a later date.


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