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Sun Oct 13 17:32:53 EST 1996

Mary Kay Dolejsi; marykay at fred.fhcrc.org wrote in article
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> We find ourselves in need of a new color printer for support of the
> automated DNA sequencing, and are wondering if anyone has tried the new
> Tektronix Phaser 350, or the slightly older 340.  PE-ABI says it needs to
> have PostScript language for the software, and the Tek 350 does.  We had
> used a HP1200/PS DeskJet for the last 18 months, and are wondering what
> some of the new technology is like.   Our main concerns are reliability,
> throughput, and operating costs.
>  Thanks in advance for any input.
> Mary Kay Dolejsi, Ph.D.
> marykay at fred.fhcrc.org
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> Biotech Lab A1-162
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> Seattle, WA 98104
We have been using an HP 1600C for a while now and it gives very good
results and is quite fast.

Personally though, I'm not convinced that the printers have to be
postscript, since before we got our printer we were using an old black and
white inkjet that certainly wasn't postscript and it worked fine, if a
little slowly.

Ed Ryder.

The Animal Health Trust

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