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Hello all,

You've all heard from me recently regarding the Salk Institute's new DNA
sequencing facility.  I thank all who responded to my plea for input.

Now we'd like to put the word out that we're looking for a Research 
 The duties include DNA template preparation (maybe), assembly and
purification of sequencing enzymatic reactions, preparation and clean up 
sequencing gels, operation of two ABI 377 automated sequencers, computer
analysis of primary sequence data, record-keeping and data management,
troubleshooting and soliciting technical support, and limited training of
end-users in data analysis.  The applicant must be able to work 
be highly organized, efficient, responsible, and possess good 

Experience in automated DNA sequencing is preferred.  Alternatively,
experience with manual DNA sequencing is required.   A bachelor's degree 
in a
relevant discipline and at least 1-2 years lab experience are required. 
Salary is dependent on qualifications and experience, but the minimum is
$24,777 per year.

The Salk Institute overlooks the Pacific Ocean.  San Diego is a beautiful
place to live and work.  I should know--I was born here!!  I think this 
is a
great opportunity for the right person to get in on the "ground floor" and
grow with the new facility.

Please contact me if interested.

Janice Wahlstrom
The Salk Institute
10010 N. Torrey Pines Rd.
La Jolla, CA  92037
(ph)  619-453-4100 x1464
(fax) 619-457-4765
wahlstrom at salk.edu

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