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Lawrence Lawrence
Tue Oct 8 14:12:24 EST 1996

In article <52voin$g6d at net.bio.net>, Janice Wahlstrom,
janice_wahlstrom at qm.salk.edu wrote:

> We are in the process of setting up an automated DNA sequencing core 
> facility here at the Salk Institute.  We will be starting out with 2 ABI 
> 377 machines...On a good day, with 48cm 
> plates we can get about 700 good bases maximum.  Often the reads are 
> significantly shorter.  Therefore, one issue is how to modify the 
> protocol to maximize read length.  Any suggestions for changes (maybe 
> voltage, acrylamide %, running temp, buffer)?

This may not help you much if you have already purchased your sequencers,
but in our core lab we have an ABI377 AND a Li-Cor 2000L.  Each fills a
niche, we run both daily.  Having both solves the problem of how to have
high throughput capacity and also provide long reads when required.  The
Li-Cor, running 66cm Long Ranger gels, averages about 900 bases, and some
of our users can routinely get 1200 base reads.

Lawrence Washington
Indiana Molecular  Biology Institute

Lawrence Washington
Indiana Molecular Biology Institute
Bloomington, Indiana

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