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> > >2.Failing this, can anyone tell me where I can buy reasonably 
> > >       priced Permacel tape or yellow "3M electrical tape."  I just can't
> > >       believe that the ABI price is market value.
> > 
> > Sigma sell a gel-sealing tape. 
> > 
> > Cat. No. T6781. 1 inch by 72 yards for UKP12.50
> > Cat. No. T6656. 1.5 inch by 72 yards for UKP15.40
> No need any tape.  See Anal.Biochem., vol.188, 176-180 (1990).
> The paper has describe horizental gel casting without sealing.
> It is easy:-)
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Now, this discussion exactly parallels the one that happened in the 
reagnts" this summer! The "consensus" was summarized by Paul Hengen in one
of the issues of TIBS. In my opinion, pouring gel with or without tape is
like a religion: you cannot convince a person that without tape  it is
possible or even better than with ( or vice versa). 
The  1st trick of pouring without tape is having the gel at an angle
sufficiently small for your speed of reaction. The gels 0.4 mm thick can 
even be poured horizontally, others require a tilt that
depends on the  thickness and personal reactions (5-20 degrees). The 2nd
trick is to create an initial even front of liquid across the entire plate
width and continue adding the liquid into the notch so that there is
always enough. We
pour 66 cm LICOR gels in this way with little trouble. But... it is like a
religion :-). I do not want to get flamed, but I think the problem is that
perception of capillary force is not difficult... it is just outside of
common sense. The tape is easier to understand, that's it.

I hope this helps,

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