Staden for Mac/PC?

Gabriel Gabriel
Tue Oct 8 17:38:27 EST 1996

James Bonfield wrote:

>Following on from Don Gilbert's question on sequencing packages and Howard
>Cash's followup (SEQUENCHER FOR UNIX? WHY?), this has led me to wonder about
>the role of the Staden package for other platforms.
>So, to continue the questions, would people like to see our more recent tk
>based programs (Gap4, Trev, and Sip4) running on a PC? On a Mac? How about a
>Linux port too?

Certainly under MacOS and preferably nPOWER multiprocessing savvy.

>What factors influence the choice of program? (I'm sure Howard Cash would love
>to know the answer to this too :-).) Is the platform the program runs on as
>important as the abilities of the program itself (within reason naturally).
>If so, what really _is_ the platform of choice.

Ease of use AND administer AND power/features. That is the key. For us the
choice is clear: MacOS under nPOWER multiprocessing (see

>Please do respond as the answers to some of these questions will surely help
>many more developers than us, and hence improve the software quality for

So we hope.

Best luck to all molecular biology developers out there who make our daily
work a pleasure !

Gabriel Dorado
bb1dopeg at uco.es

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