Staden for Mac/PC?

Gabriel Gabriel
Tue Oct 8 17:38:38 EST 1996

John Hancock wrote:

>I have to support Bob Forster's general thrust here. I have experience
>Macs (a lot), Windows (as little as possible) and Suns (a reasonable
>amount, but still learning), and for me Macs provide by far the easiest
>user interface. If I had to choose to set up some of the software I use
>occasionally on my Mac on a PC I probably wouldn't bother. If Staden were
>to be ported to one of these systems, though, it would have much higher
>standards of useability to reach. As someone who's often called on to help
>other, less computer-literate, people set up and use software, I'm very
>aware how important ease of use is, and I've always found Staden software
>rather cryptic.

Could not agree more !

G. Dorado
bb1dopeg at uco.es

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