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Douglas Rhoads drhoads at mercury.uark.edu
Mon Oct 7 09:20:04 EST 1996

We get ours at Walmart.  The clear plastic wide tape that is sold as 
packaging tape works as well as the yellow 3M stuff and costs about 
$3 per roll.  The stuff we get is made by Manco Inc. and has green 
labeling inside the roll.  We tried a cheaper source (brand name 
Sekisui Ta Ind.) and it won't hold.  We just tested the ability of 
tape to seal on the top of a flask against a high urea solution.

> Date:          Mon, 7 Oct 1996 02:05:13 -0700
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> Subject:       Cheap Tape
> From:          Patricia.Thomas at net.bio.net, thomas at pharmdec.wustl.edu

> I'm fairly new to automated sequencing and I just ran out of Permacel
> tape for taping my 373 Stretch Plates.  I looked through every catalog
> imaginable trying to find the stuff, consulted with the old ADS
> (automated DNA sequencer--person, that is), and she told me that we buy
> it from ABI.  So, you guessed it.  I called ABI and was told that it
> costs $79.00/roll!! I felt that I was being had at the time but ordered
> one roll to tide me over.  When it arrived, instead of saying Permacel
> tape it said "3M electrical tape."  The roll was still yellow but the
> color was slightly different.  Anyway, a few relevant questions to you
> professional sequencers:
> 	1.Can anyone tell me precisely how to pour the plates without tape?
> 	I watched someone do it with some 34cm wtr plates but when I tried 
> 	to do it with some 48cm wtr plates it was a disaster.  I used an
> 	automatic pipettor and the stuff never went into the plates.  When
> 	I slightly angled the plate upwards the stuff went in, but promptly 
> 	went out of the bottom of the plates!
> 	2.Failing this, can anyone tell me where I can buy reasonably 
> 	priced Permacel tape or yellow "3M electrical tape."  I just can't
> 	believe that the ABI price is market value.
> Thanks for your help!
> Patricia Thomas
> Washington Univ. School of Med.
> Dept. of Molecular Bio. & Pharm.
> thomas at pharmdec.wustl.edu
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