Staden for Mac/PC?

jhancock at rpms.ac.uk jhancock at rpms.ac.uk
Mon Oct 7 04:05:01 EST 1996

I have to support Bob Forster's general thrust here. I have experience 
Macs (a lot), Windows (as little as possible) and Suns (a reasonable
amount, but still learning), and for me Macs provide by far the easiest
user interface. If I had to choose to set up some of the software I use
occasionally on my Mac on a PC I probably wouldn't bother. If Staden were
to be ported to one of these systems, though, it would have much higher
standards of useability to reach. As someone who's often called on to help
other, less computer-literate, people set up and use software, I'm very
aware how important ease of use is, and I've always found Staden software
rather cryptic.

John Hancock

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