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Scottie Adams mbcf at northnet.org
Thu Oct 3 08:59:52 EST 1996

Janice - 

	You might find some useful information on what other DNA Sequencing
facilities do at  the ABRF homepage -
http://www.medstv.unimelb.edu.au/ABRF.html, see ABRF Research Committee
Reports, DNA Sequencing Committee 1996 Study Report. The General Survey
and the spreadsheet showing all the different conditions, machines, etc
might be of interest. 

	In fact, participants of autoseq at net.bio.net might find the ABRF and
it's goals interesting. Information about the ABRF can be found at
http://www.medstv.unimelb.edu.au/ABRF.html and information about it's
annual meeting can be found at

	Hope you and others will find the information useful.

Scottie Adams aka Pamela Scott Adams


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