Signal dropout ?

Suzanne Suzanne
Wed Oct 2 14:05:34 EST 1996

We recently have run into a problem with some of our customers sequences.
We'll receive several preps all in the same plasmid, PCRII. Some will do
extremely well while others we are noticing appear to have high signal for
the actual plasmid but once we get to the insert it drops out. This occurs
coming in from both directions. I've spoken to ABI about the problem. They
suggested trying to put the insert in a different plasimd. We tried this
with pBluescript and observed the same results. We tried running the
samples at a lower concentration to improve the front but the insert still
looks like trash. Is there anything else we can try short of having our
customers start from scratch and try to subclone it again?

Suzanne McNeely

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