Lost GS data!

Michele Godlevski mam7746 at ussun2n.glaxo.com
Mon May 20 16:44:56 EST 1996

Agnes Tay <mcbtayhn at leonis.nus.sg> wrote:
>We have recently had 2 occasions where our Genescan data was lost at the
>end of the run when the Mac suddenly quit GS while preprocessing the data
>collected. On one occasion the error message was something about memory, on
>the other I was not around to see the error message itself but the data was
>similarly lost. We've never had this problem before, but it seems specific
>to Genescan version ( run on 373A) as the sequencing people have no such
>problem. Also, there was one gel that was processed and analysed normally
>in between the 2 that were lost. Has anyone had this problem before?

Actually, the same thing has happened to us with sequencing analysis software on both 373's and 377's.  Are you re-building your desktop weekly and running Norton Utilites monthly?  This is the advice I have been given in response to this problem.

Michele Godlevski
Glaxo Wellcome
Sequencing Core Facility

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