377 gels

Rick Wilson rwilson at watson.wustl.edu
Fri May 3 07:55:20 EST 1996

Marc Woodland <m.p.woodland at ic.ac.uk> wrote:

>I  would  love  to  pour  gels  for  my  377  and  leave  them  for  longer
>than  6  hours -  like  overnight  !  According  to  the  bible  this  is
>not  possible  for  two  reasons (1) drying  out  of  the  very  thin  gels
>and (2) hydrolysis  of  urea  to  ammonium  carbonate.  Presumably  it
>would  be  possible  to prevent  drying  out  by  wrapping  the   top  and
>bottom of  the  gel  in  clingfilm. But  if  the gel  is  placed  in  a
>cold  room is  the  rate  of  urea  hydrolysis  slowed  sufficiently    to
>ensure  a  good  gel  ?  Does  anyone  have  any  ideas,  comments,  or
>experience  ?  If  so  please  let      me  know.

When you don't like the way things are, start your own religion.  We
routinely pour gels on Friday and use them on Saturday and Sunday.  The
key is to wrap both ends with a bit of Saran Wrap so they don't dry out.
We leave them at room temperature.  Urea hydrolysis does not seem to be
a problem.  All gels are currently made with pre-made mix from either
Amresco or Sooner Scientific.

Happy sequencing,

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