ALFexpress with noisy signals

Walter Just walter.just at medizin.uni-ulm.de
Tue Mar 26 03:53:29 EST 1996

Hi netters,
today I encountered a problem with the ALFexpress: 
instead of sinus-like waves of the raw data we obtained 
sinus waves with additional "rectangular" signals making 
the overall signal rather noisy. Therefore, the device is 
unable to create "processed data". Our chemistry: we 
have applied 3 protocols on one gel (9 lanes used): i.) 
CycleSequencing with Sequiterm Polymerase from 
Epicentre (i.e. Biozym in Germany); ii.) Cy5 autoread kit 
(Pharmacia) with labeled primers, and iii.) Cy5 autoread 
kit with labelled dATP. All tracks were noisy. The gel 
was a hydrolink long ranger (AT biochemicals). All of 
these parameters have been applied earlier without having 
any problems. I realized that the laser signal which was 
something like 800-900 before starting the gel was only 
200 at the end of the run.
Has someone any idea on our crazy gel? Does it depend 
on the acrylamide gel composition or has something like 
our results been observed together with hardware 
problems of the device.
Any hint is welcome and highly appreciated.
Walter Just

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