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Open letter to all UK 377 Users

CombeAN CombeAN_at_GBWTN at ccip.perkin-elmer.com
Mon Mar 25 13:50:51 EST 1996

The following letter is addressed to UK users of the ABI PRISMt 377 DNA 
Sequencer only, and will be sent out by mail shortly.

This does not apply to any other region not covered by the UK service group.

Dear ABI PRISMt 377 DNA Sequencer User

It has come to our attention that some customers have experienced problems with 
the temperature control systems on the ABI PRISM 377 DNA Sequencer.  In most 
cases, these faults appear to be due to differences in the quality of tap water 
and are, therefore,  regional in nature.


These have ranged from water pipes blowing off to intermittent temperature 
faults and leaking pushfit connectors.  Any of the following symptoms should be 
reported to PE Applied Biosystems Service immediately:-

d System cannot maintain a constant temperature during a run.
d A reduction in temperature followed by an over 70oC error.
d Temperature errors in the log file.
d Water leaking from underneath the instrument.
d Water leaking continuously from the front pushfit connectors.

Please note, small losses of water from the cooling system is expected due to 
the fact that there is always a dead volume inside the pushfit connector which 
will cause very minor leaks when removing the front heat plate.  Also, the 
current use of algaecide can cause a slight discolouring of water in the pipes 
and/or reservoir bottle and is not, on its own, a cause for concern.

For the above, we recommend that the concentration of algaecide be changed from 
Tap water containing 5 drops of Algaecide (as recommended in the User Manual) 
to De-ionised water containing a 5% solution of  Ethylene Glycol (Sigma E9129 
or automotive anti-freeze good for aluminium blocks).

As a further value-added service, we will automatically change the coolant 
within your cooling water system at future service and planned maintenance 
visits.  Furthermore, if the water used at installation of your ABI PRISM 377 
DNA Sequencer has caused a limescale build-up inside the instrument, the 
Service engineers will use a proprietary descaler and neutraliser to remove 
particulates and replenish your water system with our current recommendations.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Yours sincerely


Please Update your user manual as follows

Section 5. Page 14
Note : to prevent algae growth, use a 5% (v/v) solution of Ethylene Glycol ( 
Sigma E91929, or Automotive Anti-freeze), in High quality De-ionised water.

Section 7. Page3.
Delete: Replenishing Algecide in title and the sentence Replenishing the 
algecide every month, regardless of whether you need to refill the water 
Add: Top up the reservoir bottle every month with 5% (v/v) solution of Ethylene 
Glycol in De-ionised water.

Section 7 page 4.
Delete: part 4... and add 5 drops of algecide ( simply add algecide if the 
reservoir has sufficient water in it.)
Add: Replenish with 5% Ethylene Glycol in De-ionised water.

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