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Will Fischer wfischer at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Tue Jun 18 15:50:42 EST 1996

Chis Spolsky (spolsky at say.acnatsci.org) wrote:
> Subject: opinions on auto sequencers
> Our lab is considering buying an automated sequencer, and I would like users'
> opinions on Licor and Alf sequencers, in comparison to the ABIapparatuses. If
> you have either an Alf or a Licor sequencer, can you tell me about the
> merits/faults of each. 
JENNY CASSADY (cassady at biosci.uq.edu.au) wrote:
                                            We found the Licor performed 
: very well for long reads, generating 850+ bases with 99% accuracy. It 
: was reasonably easy to use, but it's through-put cannot compare to the 
: ABI machines. It is a lot cheaper than a new 377, though. 
The Licor works very well indeed, WHEN it works.  I and others from my
lab have found the chemistry for the Licor (Sequitherm kits, with dye
labelled primers) to be inordinately sensitive to template quality.
Qiagen tip DNA generally works, but the Qiawell DNA has not, in my
hands.  In contrast, the SAME TEMPLATES have sequenced very well on the
ABI.    In addition, we have had trouble with single lanes failing
(i.e., one tube out of four gives no bands at all).  This is
particularly frustrating.  One final gripe about the Licor:  the
software (OS/2 based) is not very sophisticated.  Contig assembly is
painful.  The difference between Sequencher and the Licor software is
like day and night.

: We feel the ABI machines are the easiest to use and their premixed 
: Prism kits are very user friendly 

Seconded!  Again, the ABI is superior here -- one-tube, one-lane
reactions, premix+primer+template, vs the licor's four-tube, four-lane
reactions, enzyme+buffer+primers+template+4-different terminator

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