373 stretch

Hamideh Zakeri hamideh at psts.wustl.edu
Tue Jul 30 16:25:31 EST 1996

Hi friends,

We had our 373 sequencer upgraded about a month ago and since then we have been having problem with our gel. later on we detected something wrong with the laser and had ABI people change the bad laser.  Althought we have better sequences
now, our gel file is not looking sharp and the beginning and the end of the gel is fuzzy.  We also have a blue rain shower on the top of our gel file which I 
think is due to the bubbles produced after the run is finished.  The bubbles
are in the laser area and on the top of the gel plate.  We are still using the 
old 34cm plates and 4.75% gel.  We used the same plates, buffers and 6% gel 
before our machine was updated and never had problem.  So if any of these 
problems look familiar or if you have any answer, I would deeply appreciate
your advise.  Thanks again.

Hamideh Zakeri   

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