More 377 Seq Problems

Macky Edmundson mackyE at qimr.edu.au
Tue Jul 30 03:15:40 EST 1996

Hi ,

Has anyone had problems with fried 36 well combs? We have lost three combs
in 3 weeks, seems to be due to arcing to the back plate and happens 2/3 of
the way through the run. 2-3 teeth are burnt off so the comb is wrecked.

We also lost a gel run today due to  a -192 gel error, the gel file is
corupted and the data is not able to be recovered has anyone else had this

Lastly anyone have any news on the 48 and 64 well upgrades?
I hear that they are due out in September sometime ( in Australia at least) .

I am sceptical of the tracking ability of the software to handle 64 (let
alone 36 wells on a 373) well runs but I suppose we have to wait to see if
the new software is any better. Anyone heard of any prices for the upgrade


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