to PPT or not to PPT

Naomi Thomson Thomson at bms.com
Tue Jul 30 16:25:16 EST 1996

We have been using the FS enzyme for nearly a year, but have continued to use 
the centrisep columns for purification. Now, in order to cut costs and to 
prepare for future automation of the facility, we are considering ethanol 

There have been numerous communications concerning "T-blobs" and "loss of an 80 
base front"  which have us concerned that the switch to EtOH ppt's will decrease 
the quality and reliability of the sequencing facility. 

I would appreciate hearing the experience, good and bad, others in the newsgroup 
have had with this method. What protocols do you use? Has anyone managed to 
automate the dye-terminator reaction from A to Z.

Thanks for your input in advance.

Naomi Thomson
Thomson at BMS.com
(609) 252-5967

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