Bass (ABI reading software)

Michael J. Parlee mparlee at UVic.CA
Tue Jul 23 11:11:27 EST 1996

>Has anyone used the Bass software to read ABI gel images on a Unix machine?
>I am trying to use it on a Linux machine (Debian 1.1) but it won't compile.
>I've tried e-mailing the author but I haven't had a reply yet.

I've also had no luck getting Bass up and running. I tried compiling on a
SunIPX running SunOS 4.1.3. A friend in the computer science dept. has been
trying to work on it in his spare time for over a month now and still no

If you find out how to compile it I'd love to hear how it's done!


 Michael J. Parlee                            email: mparlee at uvaix.uvic.ca
 Centre for Environmental Health
 Dept. of Biology, UVic, Victoria, BC Canada

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