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Lynn Doucette doucette at walthm.cric.com
Sun Jul 21 18:49:25 EST 1996

Genome Therapeutics Corp. is a proven leader in the field of genomics and a
major contributor in the Human Genome Project.  Our focus is to identify
and characterize genes involved in common diseases and to translate our
discoveries into therapeutic breakthroughs.  GTC is a fast-growing and
financially successful biotechnology company - in the past year we have
initiated $22 million and $43 million alliances to develop genome-based
drugs and vaccines.  In addition to this revenue we also have many
government sponsored grants and contracts, the largest of which is our
GESTEC center grant for $10 million.  Challenging and rewarding
opportunities exist for the positions listed below.

1.  Research Scientists - High Throughput DNA Sequencing
  PhD/MS/BS level scientists needed for DNA sequencing in the pathogen and
  human genetics groups.  Ideal candidates will have experience in large scale
  sequencing as well as management experience in a research laboratory.
  Individuals with experience in trouble shooting for both fluorescent,
  chemiluminescent and radioactive sequencing are strongly encouraged to

2.  Research Scientists - Data Tracking and Quality Control of High
Throughput Sequencing Group
  The Sequencing Technology Development group seeks  Ph.D.  and M.S. level
  individuals to oversee and develop quality control and database tracking in
  a large-scale DNA sequencing project. Responsible for group of scientists
  who transfer and implement new technologies from the development group
  into the high throughput sequencing group and for working with other relevant
  groups involved in the sequencing project. In conjunction with the
  bioinformatics group and high throughput  sequencing groups, will develop
  quality control and data tracking support systems for the project.
  Familiarity with several of the following is necessary: process control
  concepts, quality control/quality assurance, large scale DNA sequencing,
  prior supervisory experience, working in an team environment,  process
  automation, process control and system dynamics.

3.  Research Scientists - Sequence Analysis and Assembly
  PhD/MS/BS level scientists needed for the finishing groups at GTC.  Ideal
  candidates will have extensive experience in DNA sequencing with additional
  experience in assembly of genomes, contig editing and sequence analysis.
  Positions require excellent computer skills (programming a plus) with
  Macintosh, Unix and VMS experience.

4.  Genome Analysts
  PhD/MS/BS level scientists needed with a broad knowledge of
  microbial/human physiology and significant experience with computational
  sequence analysis methods.  Work at the interface between computing and
  molecular biology in the search for useful gene targets for developing novel
  anti-microbials, vaccines and correction of human genetic defects.

5.  Engineering Assistant
  Seeking an individual who will be responsible for diverse engineering duties
  including but not limited to maintenance and troubleshooting of
electrical and
  mechanical equipment, as well as setup of various lab equipment and local
  network.  There is a heavy emphasis on electrical and mechanical controls.
  Provide hands-on engineering expertise for new and existing hardware.
  Provide process engineering expertise to the projects, evaluate, and resolve
  related problems and provide training to users. Candidate must posses a BS
  degree in electrical engineering coupled with 1-3 years of related
  and computer networking experience.  Requires full command of PC's,
  Windows, RS-232, UNIX Network Communication and Computer
  programming experience.  Lab automation a plus.

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