green haze

john augliera auggie at MIT.EDU
Sun Jul 21 18:49:24 EST 1996

I am wondering if anyone has seen a green haze on their gel images.

I have been running an ABI 377 autosequencer for about 8 months.  This is
the second set of gel plates in which this background haze has occurred.
It appears to be a build up of some kind and seems to become noticeable
after about 4 months worth of runs on each set of plates.  I have tried the
3N HClwash recommended by ABI on the first set of plates without any
noticeable improvement.

The haze does not seem to be affecting data results at the moment but suspect
the background will get worse.

Would appreciate any advice on solving this problem.

I am also curious to know how long people use a set of plates before
they need to be trashed.  Someone has told me 2 years.

                                                                John Augliera
                                                                auggie at mit.edu

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