Amplitaq Gold use

Michael C. Gorry mcgorry at med.pitt.edu
Thu Jul 18 14:40:42 EST 1996

We recently tried the amplitaq gold from Perkin Elmer for
our gene mapping project.  It has presented several 
problems.  The major one is that when compared with ordinary 
taq,  we got the same results but with 1/6 the peaks.  Our 
experiments involved fam labelled primers.  We thought that 
the gold would eliminate the "stutter" that is seen with the 
taq.  Since we followed the protocol and did obtain some 
signal, albeit weaker, the amplification did work but 
without the expected results.  The rep has indicated that it 
was probably something done incorrectly in the lab.  Before 
we put the time and money into improving this, is it worth 
the effort?  Has anyone else used this enzyme with quality 
results and no stutter?  

Any replies would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


mcgorry at med.pitt.edu

Michael Gorry
mcgorry at med.pitt.edu

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