General 373 and 377 problems

Anthony Tomlinson tomlinson at pplros.demon.co.uk
Mon Jul 15 10:09:20 EST 1996

In article <4s35j2$e5o at net.bio.net> , keller at email.chop.edu writes:
>Second, on our 377, with long plates, we get noisy plate checks even when
>we have stripped our plates (thanks for all the suggestions on stripping
>methods), avoided using any kind of cleaner on the plates, switched to
>Amresco reagents etc. Even if we load lanes that look clear on the plate
>check, they still end up showing background fluorescence (green or yellow)
>that mutes the samples and makes the data useless. It has been suggested
>to us that the placement of the cassette in the machine is tricky with the
>larger plates and may result in plates that are not aligned correctly in
>relation to the lasar. Anyone with similar problems or suggestions on how
>to correct this problem?

If you get fluorescence in some lanes only after loading, surely that
points to
the fluorescence originating in the sample?  Yellow haze over the bottom
a sample indicates ethanol carryover, I'm told.
I have had some trouble with a huge green flare across half of the gel,
that was attributed to alignment problems (push the gel in FIRMLY so that
can see the little plastic pins abutting the spacer in the lower notches).

Hope this helps,


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