Q: Best vector for EST project???

David L Adelson d.adelson at prospect.anprod.csiro.au
Tue Jul 9 04:33:44 EST 1996

We are about to embark on the construction of a new cDNA library for an EST 
project.  We have been using a unidirectional lambdaZAP II library with good 
results (in vivo excision, RPM miniprep kit DNA purification, ABI Prism 
sequencing), but we would like our new library to be made in a vector which 
lacks the NotI site in the MCS.  The reason for this is that the NotI site 
gives us terrible background on DIG labelled riboprobe in situs on sheep 
skin.  We would prefer to have the library made for us rather than do it 

Does anyone have any useful ideas?



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