direct chromosomal sequencing?

Laura Kasman laurak at negia.net
Mon Jul 1 09:11:06 EST 1996

Anybody have any experience trying to get sequence directly 
from purified chromosomal DNA?  We have been trying to do so with a 
9.2 Mb linear chromosome without success.  Our central core 
sequencing facility says they just need more DNA and then they
 will get sequence.  Making as much as they want will be a bother,
 and if sequencing directly off of a chromosome of this size is not
 possible, I'd rather spend my time on some other strategy.

I should probably mention that we suspect that the 
region we are trying to sequence contains a transposon. 
Inverse PCR attempts to clone the region of interest gave
anomolous results, among other clues.


Laura Kasman
University of Georgia - Athens
Dept. of Entomology

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