Licor and phage clones

Phil Phil
Fri Dec 13 12:43:07 EST 1996

In article <58me5e$fja at net.bio.net>,
	Michelle Gleeson, michelle at molecule.bio.uts.edu.au writes:
> Has anyone out there successfully sequenced lambda phage clones using the
> LIcor DNA4000L or similar?  I would like to sequence the ends of my phage
> clones using the SP6 and T7 promoters that flank the insert in the vector
> I am using (Lambda GEM-11). Any hints, suggestions, protocols etc would be
> gratefully received

We have done this quite a lot. All we do is pick phage into SM buffer,
PCR 5ul of this (50ul reaction), purify and sequence the product.

Simple really. :-)

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