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ISHIKAWA Jun jun at nih.go.jp
Fri Aug 30 03:31:45 EST 1996

In article <502am2$dqj at net.bio.net> Sensational Gravity Boy <ed at bio02.bio.uottawa.ca> writes:

> We ran a gel last night (on a 373) and although the gel file looks fine, 
> the samples have a spacing of -12 !!!  yes, minus 12. As a result, the 
> chromatograms look horrid and there are stacked bases that are
> not been called, and essentially the 30 samples we ran are a total waste.

If you still have the data file (possibly named GelFile),
try "Adaptive" or "SemiAdaptive" basecaller. 
This may clear the problem of some samples.

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