377 software bug?

Alfons Bardoel A.F.J.BARDOEL at med.ruu.nl
Fri Aug 30 03:32:16 EST 1996

>We have been having problems, I think, with our 377 software.  We have had a
>problem , twicw now, where the run time had been set to 3.5 h but strangely
>stopped at 1.5 h the first time, exactly 1 h the second time and each sample
>was analysed like the run had finished.  The log file revealed nothing.  It
>said that the time was set for 3.5 h, run finished 1 h later and scans
>processed.  The next morning we collected the rest of the information, but
>now have our gels on two pieces.
>We have reloaded the collection software and the firmware, but one of these
>peculiar runs happened after that.
>Has anyone else had such a problem?
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We often see this when pre-running a gel, but never in a run (at least not
that we've noticed).
At the moment we start a pre-run and look at the status window the run time
left somehow doesn't allways start at 59:59. It already happened about 10
times and it never happens during the pre-run; but only at the moment you
start it. Because it only happens (in our case) when pre-running we never
bothered. If your problem is caused by the same bug then check the status
at the start of your run; if the time left is out of range just abort the
run and start it again. Of course this doesn't fix the bug but I hope it's
a good way to circumvent it.

Alfons Bardoel

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