377 software bug?

Lynnette Lim lynnl at ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Aug 29 03:55:22 EST 1996


We have been having problems, I think, with our 377 software.  We have had a
problem , twicw now, where the run time had been set to 3.5 h but strangely
stopped at 1.5 h the first time, exactly 1 h the second time and each sample
was analysed like the run had finished.  The log file revealed nothing.  It
said that the time was set for 3.5 h, run finished 1 h later and scans
processed.  The next morning we collected the rest of the information, but
now have our gels on two pieces.

We have reloaded the collection software and the firmware, but one of these
peculiar runs happened after that.

Has anyone else had such a problem?  
Lynnette Lim

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