377 software bug?

Bruce Roe BROE at aardvark.ucs.ou.edu
Thu Aug 29 07:47:49 EST 1996

	We have observed this "feature" when the operator inadvertently has the
"pre-run" module entered instead of the "run" module.  Check the settings on
all the screens to make sure the correct "run" conditions were chosen.  FYI,
we observed another interesting "feature" in which the "preferences" that we
wanted to use were not "remembered" by the 377 data collection software.  Even
after re-installing the software, the problems persisted.  Our service folks
were here and suggested we go into the system folder:ABI folder and remove
the 2 ABI files there, as well as go into the System folder:preference folder 
and also remove the ABI related files.  Once doing that and again re-installing
the software, the problem was fixed.
	ABI suggests that you remove all ABI related stuff (except for your
machine specific file) BEFORE re-installing the software.  This is something
we often forget to do and re-installing the software with these old preferences
files still present doesn't solve the problem.
	Bottom line.  Trash those preference files before re-installing the
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 You write: 
=> Help!!
=> We have been having problems, I think, with our 377 software.  We have had a
=> problem , twicw now, where the run time had been set to 3.5 h but strangely
=> stopped at 1.5 h the first time, exactly 1 h the second time and each sample
=> was analysed like the run had finished.  The log file revealed nothing.  It
=> said that the time was set for 3.5 h, run finished 1 h later and scans
=> processed.  The next morning we collected the rest of the information, but
=> now have our gels on two pieces.
=> We have reloaded the collection software and the firmware, but one of these
=> peculiar runs happened after that.
=> Has anyone else had such a problem?  
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