Colonic Irritation

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::A cautionary tale:
::A recent 377 run gave a good gel, but the first 10 samples were absent
::from the
::analysed data, and the error said File Not Found. The only distinguishing
::feature of these samples was that all the sample names had colons in them.
::Consultation with ABI revealed a bizarre bug, where if the sample name in
::the Sample 
::Sheet has a colon in it, the software is unable to recognize it, and the
::CANNOT be recovered!
::The only solution is to rerun the samples with a different name.  Future
::Analysis versions will have post-run editable sample sheets, but until
::then, the
::moral is to never put any colons in sample names.  You have been

A "fake" run (a couple of minutes...long enough to get a gel file created)
using  more appropriate file names can serve as a "template" for ResEdit. 
Cut and paste the four resources that start with SS (don't have a file
handy, so I can't recall what the exact names are...the SS is symbolic of
Sample Sheet) out of the "fake" gel file and into the gel file with your
data.  Save, re-extract. 

Total recovery time...about 5 minutes.

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