Genescan on ABI310--help!

christopher chow mcblab25 at leonis.nus.sg
Wed Aug 28 09:39:46 EST 1996

Is there anyone there who's running Genescan on the ABI310? We need help 
desperately! Our ABI 310 was installed last week but it took them 5 days 
to get 2 good runs and they never really figured out why the earlier 
runs were blank or off. We've been running samples this week and have 
had all sorts of problems including broad peaks on Day 1, very high 
currents (50uAmp vs 18 previously) but with decent-looking peaks on D2, 
and back to broad (but diff shaped peaks) on D3.
We have changed capillaries, buffers, samples etc and are at a loss, as 
are the ABI people!
Thanks for any suggestions. Please email suggestions to me at 
mcbtayhn at nus.sg

Agnes Tay

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