Colonic Irritation

David Barrass Barrass at pplros.demon.co.uk
Fri Aug 23 11:49:30 EST 1996

A cautionary tale:

A recent 377 run gave a good gel, but the first 10 samples were absent
from the
analysed data, and the error said File Not Found. The only distinguishing
feature of these samples was that all the sample names had colons in them.
Consultation with ABI revealed a bizarre bug, where if the sample name in
the Sample 
Sheet has a colon in it, the software is unable to recognize it, and the
CANNOT be recovered!
The only solution is to rerun the samples with a different name.  Future
Analysis versions will have post-run editable sample sheets, but until
then, the
moral is to never put any colons in sample names.  You have been


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