ABI 377

Scottie Adams mbcf at Aldus.NorthNet.org
Mon Aug 12 10:18:26 EST 1996

 >We are currently trying to purify seq-products using ethanol precipitation
>rather than columns, with which we tend to get crummy gels (salt effect ?)
>does anybody succesfully use ETOH for routine sequneining and is it feasible
>for high through put applications including genotyping?
>Thank you
>Min Ae Lee, MD
>MAL at calvin.bwh.harvard.edu

We routinely use ETOH pptn and have our customers use it also. We get very
good sequence using FS enzyme chemistry on an old ABI 373A. The only
drawback - is that we usually don't get the first 20 - 30 bases. However
for us this very rarely matters since it is usually only vector sequence.
Hope this helps. Scottie

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