373 sequencer to purchase used

Harold G. Hills hhills at iastate.edu
Thu Aug 8 09:36:58 EST 1996

A german researcher wants to purchase a used 373A for GeneScan using
microsatellites.  Please send info to his address not to me.

Dr. Steffen Weigend
Institute for Small Animal Research Celle/Merbitz
06193 Nauendorf

fax   (0) 34603 240 100
phone (0) 34603 240 269
e-mail weigend at ktf.fal.de

Harold G. Hills, Ph.D., DNA Sequencing Specialist       515 294-9585
1184 Molecular Biology Building                         515 294-1597 FAX
Iowa State University                                   hhills at iastate.edu
Ames, Iowa 50011-3260

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