MIcha Ron michar at indycc1.agri.huji.ac.il
Wed Aug 7 09:29:31 EST 1996

Dear netters,

We've been using an ABI 377 for sequencing and genotyping.  Since we 
bought the machine six months ago we've been having quite a few technical 
problems.  Many times we have to repeat commands 3-4 times before the 
machine responds. Programs crash in the middle of runs, electrophoresis 
will suddenly stop for no apparent reason, no lack of buffer,etc.  The 
local service reps claim that these are mostly due to bugs in the ABI
software.  This doesn't seem very reasonable to us.  Has anyone else had 
similar problems especially with Genescan? 
Awiating some responses.

Mark Band
Volcani Animal Genetics

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