Cost of 48/64 Well Upgrades for 373/377

Macky Edmundson mackyE at qimr.edu.au
Thu Aug 1 07:06:10 EST 1996

I have been getting lots of comments from many different groups who are
upset at the price ABI is planing to charge for the 48/64 well upgrade on
their 373/377 sequencers.

I realise this sort of thread on this group may be getting a bit
controversial and political but it is my opinion that ABI marketing has
gone beserk on what can really only be classifed as a software upgrade
(which was largely funded by a third party anyway)!

Perhaps ABI would like to justify the cost of this upgrade?

Has anyone else pursued this matter with ABI?

If not then maybe it would be a good idea if we lobby ABI as a group on
this very important matter!

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