General 373 and 377 problems

Rashmi Pershad sa38007 at odin.mdacc.tmc.edu
Thu Aug 1 09:46:50 EST 1996

> > First, on our 373, since switching to the longer 48cm plates, we have
> > had
> > intermittent problems with stoppages in electrophoresis. Some of these
> > seem to be due to leakage behind the plates, resulting in a lower top
> > buffer level and an increased bottom buffer level

Re. the leaking gels. We top the ears of the gel with agarose 
gel,after the gel has polymerised, this prevents any buffer going down 
the side of the spacers.Since then we have seen no leaking problems.

RE>> problem2: An ABI rep attributed Flourescence to warpped glass 
plates. Are these plates old? Try another set and see if this solves 
the problem.

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