Anybody interested in a SHORT interview about yourself, and Biotechnology and the Internet

Michael R. Valentin mval at carroll.com
Tue Apr 30 05:01:51 EST 1996

I am currently an undergraduate biotechnology student at Kean College
of New Jersey. I am currently involved in a experimental course on
doing research on the Internet. One of my assignments is to do an
Online interview with somebody in the biotechnology field. I would
appreciate a moment of your time to answer a few questions about
yourself, and biotechnology and the Internet and email me, if not to
much trouble, a little bit about yourself, your field of expertise and
your views about biotechnology/science on the Internet.
1.  What field of biotechnology are you in?
2.  What projects are you currently working on and what projects have
you worked on in the past?
3.  How do you use the Internet for a source of scientific information
4.  How can the Internet be used as a source to find out about
grant/funding for projects/programs?
5.  How can the Internet help in finding jobs in the biotechnology
6.  How are Biotechnology inclined companies using the Internet to
help scientist?
7.  How do you think the Internet can help students in biotechnology?
8.  What changes do you think could be made to make the Internet a
better tool for scientist and students involved in science?
9.  What can you predict about the future of the Internet and

Thank you very much for your time. If there is anything else you would
like to add i would be more then welcome to here your view.

Thank you again and you can email your responses to:
mval at carroll.com

Michael R. Valentin

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