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Rob Davies rmd at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Apr 12 05:04:07 EST 1996

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996 Ron Lundstrom <ron at eri.uchsc.edu> wrote:

> Our lab is spending far too much time tracking lanes. We retrack more
> than half our gels. Hence they want me write lane tracking software,
> which I know won't be easy or short.
> [etc]

I have knocked up an auto-retracking program for the Mac.  It's on 
It does a reasonable job, although it could be better.  As Ron says, the 
problem is not trivial, especially when people insist on using high lane 

Please note that it is experimental, and experiments can go wrong (!), so
I recommend that you duplicate anything that you might want to put through
it (I do not want to take the blame for losing other peoples' data,
however unlikely).  This is _especially_ true for 377 gel files as support
for these is a very recent addition. 

You will need either BinHex or Stuffit Expander to extract the archive.  
You should find a "read me" file with instructions on how to use the 
program when you have managed to extract the thing.

This program is mine and not the Sanger Centre's, so please don't ask or 
hassle them about it. I don't want to get into more trouble than is 
strictly necessary, thankyou.

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