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I hope I am not posting to the wrong group.

1a. Is there is a disorder[s] in the auditory cortex of the brain that
would cause sudden and total deafness -- without evidence of physical
defects in the auditory cortex?

1b.Can this be due to complete relaxation of neurons in the auditory
cortex [thus rendering these neurons unexcitable]?

2. Are there ways to hear without ears -- i.e. through the brain [via
radio and electromagnetic neuron stimulation]?

3. What symptoms would occur if blood entering the cochlear
capillaries was cyanosed [blue due to absense of oxygen]?

4. What symptoms would occur if blood entering the auditory cortex's
capillaries was cyanosed?

5. What would be the symptoms of a viral infection in the hair cells
of the organ of corti?

6. What would be the symptoms of a cochlear fever of 109 F [fever not
necessarily due to infection]?

7. What would be the symptoms of a viral infection in the auditory

8. Are sounds above the threshold of pain [usually 140dB] perceived as

9. What are the symptoms of allergenic acoustic neuritis [i.e.
acoustic neuritis caused by allergy]?

10. Why do I feel heaviness in my ears when I turn on my ultrasonic
dog-repeller and place it close to my ears?

11. What would be the symptoms of a thermal burn to the cochlea?

12. Can magnetic fields (static or varying) affect the cochlea
sufficiently to alter hearing?

13. Is there any company that plans to make neuronic music equipment
[i.e.  entertainment equipment that generate perception of the desired
sound by electronically -- [or by other means] -- stimulating neurons
in specific portions of the auditory cortex*]?

*NOTE: The subject would hear music directly through his/her brain
rather than ears so even subjects who are totally deaf due to
peripheral reasons [i.e. reasons other than brain anomalies] can hear
the music perfectly.

14. Can the cochleae feel pain?

P.S. Sorry if my questions are homework--ish.

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