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Potential censure?!?

Michael Hagen mhagen at olympus.net
Sun Jan 5 16:39:04 EST 2003

In article <7a90c754.0301051142.3aa34079 at posting.google.com>, 
lhfotoware at hotmail.com says...
> It seems that I have been reported to Dale Bosworth for "abuse of
> government computer services". Yes, I do use a government computer and
> I do put forth personal opinions (as well as defending policy and
> addressing lies about the USFS), but an individual in a newsgroup
> which I never go to has sent off an e-mail complaining of
> "crossposting". While I do reply to crossposted threads (initiated by
> "preservationist flooders"), I'm not at the heart of his concerns.
> Plus, Mr. Tom Beno is also using a computer from a government
> institution to post HIS stuff.
> I guess I'll just have to wait and see if my activites do constitute a
> breach of etiquette, a policy infringement or even a criminal act. If
> any of you feel that this is wrong, please feel free to respond here
> or to Bosworth himself. The root of Mr. Beno's problems mostly lie
> within "his" newsgroup, rec.backcountry and he feels that my responses
> (as well as everyone else's who respond to crossposted threads) are
> off-topic and need to go elsewhere.
> Is this still America?!?!
> Larry    defender of truth, logic and the American way

Please forward if you think this will help.

To the Chief:
Larry Harrel has been an energetic proponent of the USDA-Forest 
Service's best efforts at ecosystem management in an era of cutbacks. 
This is information that both the general public and those working 
within the field have had little access to. His input has been 
professional and is always entertaining. He has often been the lone 
voice explaining and defending topical aspects of FS policy - not 
something appreciated in certain newsgroups with preconceived attitudes. 
Larry should at the least get his own terminal - if not a raise.

As a matter of fact, USFS personal have been conspicuous by their 
absence on the public, unregulated Usenet.  It has always struck me as 
odd that an agency with such a public image problem would limit the 
speech of it's strongest supporters - even if they do use a few minutes 
on the clock to post. 
Mike Hagen
(1970-1983 USDA-FS)

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