[Acedb-soft] AceDB on Windows

Michael Han mh6 at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Nov 24 09:08:19 EST 2005


I got a person with problems using the Wormbase WS149 database with AceDB on 
When he tries to dump all objects from Wormpep, AceDB dies and throws a memory 
allocation error:
(Memory allocation failure when acedb requested 301989888 bytes, acedb has 
already allocared 1134799304 bytes)

Now that wouldn't be too unusual if the machine wouldn't be a 3GB RAM windows 
2003 server with a 4GB paging file. So the free memory is there, it just cannot 
allocate it. As far as I remember there was some kind of slight issue with 
allocating more than 2GB in one chunk in Windows, but 1.4 GB should be fine.

On a 32bit i686 GNU/Linux machine it needs to allocate 1501MB to dump all 
objects and does so without any errors.



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