[Acedb-soft] Acedb error

=?windows-1251?B?5OX/7SDv5en35eI=?= didoka at abv.bg
Thu Jul 14 05:18:05 EST 2005

I am student from Bulgaria and i have downloaded Windows version of Acedb, but application returns an error when i try to export larger sets of data, because of insufficient memory i think. The error message is:

> *********************************
> program:
> xace, version: ACEDB 4_9u, file:
> bstools.c line: 80) -
> Memory allocation failure when acedb requested 301989888 bytes,
> acedb has already allocated 830304456 bytes.
> *********************************

I wish to download Linux version of Acedb. Tell me please -where can i find latest version for Linux, and whether if i try to run Linux-based application of Acedb this error will not appear again?


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