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Instructions for installing acedb on Mac OS X 10.3

Keith Bradnam krb at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Feb 7 17:00:47 EST 2005

I found that I needed to tweak the instructions given at:


in order to get xace to work properly on Panther (10.3).  This might
be because the acedb debian package was built using Jaguar (10.2) and
there may be some subtle library differences between the two releases.
Full details are below and assume that you know nothing (well nearly
nothing) and have done nothing.




NOTE 1: This protocol has only been tested on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and
with version 4.9t of the acedb binaries (xace, tace, giface etc.).  Later
versions of acedb may require changes (most likely to install other
dependent packages).

NOTE 2:  Fink provides a few different ways of installing packages.  I
initially used the 'fink install' method but discovered that fink will
insist that the xfree86 package needs to be installed when installing
gtk+.  This is not true if you have Apple's X11 application already
installed.  I found that the 'apt-get install' command gets around this.

1) Install fink (http://fink.sourceforge.net/).  At time of writing this
is the only successful method I have found to install acedb.   If you have
a /sw directory on your machine (at the top level) then fink is most
likely already installed.

2) Each user on the system needs to configure their path so that they can
'see' the /sw/bin directory where any applications installed by fink will
be located.  This can simply be done by running a fink shell configuration
script (this script will change your .profile file):

. /sw/bin/init.sh

Note that running this script will not affect the X11 terminal application
as this does not read a users .profile file.  You will either have to
manually run this command in each X11 terminal or add -ls as an command
line option for xterm (go to 'Cutomize' in the Applications menu.  This
forces the terminal to read the login shell profile (but note that this
still doesn't happen in the *first* terminal window that automatically
launches as part of X11).

3) Make sure that the apt-get command (part of fink) knows about the
latest set of available packages (this is not strictly necessary but is
good practice):

sudo apt-get update

4) Install Mac OS X developer tools.  Without these Mac OS X does not have
a C compiler which can be used by fink for installing some packages.

5) Install readline package if not already present (this is required by
acedb).  You can check by typing the following in a terminal window:

fink list readline

A lower case 'i' at the start of the output indicates that it exists and
is already installed.  If no 'i' appears then install readline by typing:

sudo apt-get install readline

The install routine may request that other dependent packages need to be
installed.  Answer 'Y' when prompted to do so to install these.

6) Install gtk+.  Again you can see if this installed by typing:

fink list gtk+

If it needs to be installed then run:

sudo apt-get install gtk+

7) Now download the acedb debian package from the link on:
The actual URL will change with each version, but here is an example:

This package should unpack to a folder called 'ACEDB-MACOSX.4.9t.tar.gz
Folder' and in this folder will be a file called:

Again, the actual name will be release specific.  In that directory you
now need to run:

sudo dpkg -i acedb_4.9t-1_darwin-powerpc.deb

This should end up adding tace, xace, giface etc. binaries to /sw/bin.

8) Normally this should be all that is needed, but there still seems to be
a problem with one dependent package missing (dlcompat-shlibs).   Try
running xace on the command line of an X11 terminal and if it complains,
install this extra package:

sudo apt-get install dlcomat-shlibs

That should be it, you should now be able to launch xace (you will still
need a database with valid data in, but even without a database you should
see an xace error popup message).

~  Keith Bradnam - WormBase group: http://www.wormbase.org/
~  The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute,
~  Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SA, UK.  Tel: 01223 494922

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