tag does not fit model error 4.9t

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Feb 4 02:49:27 EST 2005


> Build 4.9v is not listed as a "stable release" (in fact, it isn't listed
> at all on the downloads page... the last supported release is 4.9t on
> the website, and the other versions listed don't pass all tests).  Is it
> safe to run 4.9v as a production db?

Sorry, I meant to say 4.9z, agh, what an idiot. Don't worry about the failing
tests they are to do with some new tests/functions we have incorporated and the
percentage will go back up to a 100 once 4.9z becomes the stable release.

> what I meant by "doesn't read files automatically" is that in both xace
> and tace I want to be able to say:
> parse dump_2005-02-03*
> and get it to read them all in, rather than having to name them one-by-one.
> I recall that, in xace, it used to be only necessary to double-click the
> first one and the rest would get sucked in automatically.  I guess that
> isn't a particular nice behaviour from a GUI, but from a text interface
> is seems friendly!

Just to be clear, are you saying that tace used to do this and now it doesn't ?
If so I will restore the behaviour, I could add it to tace but it will have to
go into the list of stuff to be done ;-)

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