?Gene is reserved?

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Mar 31 04:15:22 EST 2004


> just curious about this: it appears that you cannot define your own 
> class named ?Gene with acedb 4.9t
> this worked with an old 4.9g though
> example:
> models.wrm contains only:
> ?Gene proteins Text
> and bad.ace contains:
> Gene : "YWHAG"
> proteins "P35214"
> parsing the ace file with 4.9t gives error: "missing model of class Gene"
> 4.9g eats it up fine, and replacing Gene with Gene1 in models and ace 
> file works also with 4.9t

With the current development code this works and it should do, as far as I know 
there is no list of reserved class names and if there is "Gene" should not be on it.

Something to watch out for (because I tripped over it ;-) is that I have a 
subclass "Gene" defined in my test database which I didn't know about. You 
should make sure you don't have one.

Its likely that behaviour of the code has changed because Simn tinkered around 
in the subclass code when he was adding Composite classes:


cheers Ed
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