Off-by-one in $obj->asGif after upgrading to ACEDB_4.9s

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Sep 10 05:25:07 EST 2003


> In that case, as already posted on this list, following patch to
> Ace::Object.pm will do the job:
> Object.pm line 1764, Aceperl 1.86:
> - return unless ($bytes, $trim) = $data=~m!^// (\d+) bytes\n(.+)!sm;
> + return unless ($bytes, $trim) = $data=~m!^// (\d+) bytes\n\x0?(.+)!sm;
> Not necessary strictly correct place to strip the extra NULL-byte here,
> just before output, but it works and I can now use versions of AceDB >=
> 4.9_s.
> (Because of Perl autosplit, the patch should be made in the AcePerl
> source tree, which should then be reinstalled.)

I have exchanged emails with Lincoln and he has put code into perl to handle
both datastreams so all should be well now.

cheers Ed
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